MELCHORITA Peru LNG Jetty with a 1500mm diameter 28 mm thickness, welded to 35mm for total 37.5m length, in Grade X60

PUERTO CAUCEDO Container Terminal - Ø 1220 WT 12,5 mm in lengths of 25 m Grade X 56 (Dominican Republic)

POINTE NOIRE - Quay D Ø 1800mm WT 20 mm Length 29 m Splash zone Epoxy paint with interlocks/clutches type C6/E21 stacked at site (Republic of Congo)

POINTE DES GRIVES Production at site of King Piles Ø 1320 mm WT 20 mm Length 36 m with C9/E22 type interlocks (Martinique France)

PORT OIF ANTWERP KANAALDOCK B2 INEOS Ø 1820 / 1420 WT 18 / 25 mm in lengths of 24 to 29 m Grade X 70 with C9/E22 interlocks (Belgium)

AGUADOLCE BUENAVENTURA Container Terminal - Ø 1524 WT 20,6 mm in lengths of 36.2 m Grade X 56 (Colombia)

ARZEW AMMONIA Export Terminal Jetty made of Ø 1524 mm WT 25,4 mm Length 25 m coated partially in Grade X 60 (Algeria)

SOYO QUAY ALNG Combi-wall produced from stock piles 1067 x 19 mm in 24 m spliced and coated with C9/E22 interlocks (Angola)

BRAGNY DAKAR Jetty Piles Manufactured at site Ø 914 mm WT 19,5 mm Length 25 m (Senegal)